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Data can be provided on request. MHL is required to recover full costs for any dissemination and analysis of data. The fee payable will be quoted following a request for data. If you are requesting data for an OEH project, please contact your OEH project officer to arrange its provision.
MHL will endeavour to respond to data requests within 24 hours of receiving the request and data delivery will be within 48 hours of receiving payment.

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Featured Project

Floods Near Me

Floods Near Me App
The flood warning app brings together flood related information in NSW and provides the user with tailored warnings including latest water levels, road closures, Flood Watch and Flood Warning information and Evacuation Warnings.
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NSW Waves

The Nearshore Wave Transform Toolbox uses numerical model results to transform measure and forecast offshore wave conditions to over 14,000 nearshore wave locations along the entire NSW coast. Estimated nearshore wave conditions are forecast for up to 3 days ahead.
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