This website provides near real time rainfall and river and lake water level data from throughout the Shoalhaven City Council catchments. Whilst this site provides near real time data of river levels and rainfall, specialist knowledge is required to correctly interpret the data. During a flood event residents are advised to refer to the following :

  • Contact SES (Phone 132500) for flood warning advice
  • Listen to the local media, particularly ABC Illawarra on FM 97.3, 2ST AM 999, Power FM 94.9 and 2UUU FM 104.5 who will be broadcasting advice issued by the SES
  • Refer to the Bureau of Meteorology Flood Warning Page for the latest official Flood Warnings and river height predictions

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Whilst the data contained in this web site has been formulated with all due care, the data has been recovered directly from automatic recording equipment and is not quality controlled. No guarantee can be given that the data is free from errors or omissions. Users of this site should refer to the MHL Copyright and Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.